Beyonce fake pregnancy

Beyoncé checked into NYCs Lennox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side under the name Ingrid Jackson, yesterday afternoon.She booked out the entire fourth floor, spending $1.3million? I still don’t believe it’s her baby. Why would anybody book the entire floor of a Hospital?  Well when Beyoncé announced that she was pregnant during this year’s Video Music Awards, fans, the press and naysayers alike all want to know the same thing: Is Beyoncé’s baby bump for realsies? In one corner, fans are rooting for Beyoncé, standing by their girl and her proclamations that she is indeed carrying Jay-Z‘s baby. But in the other corner, naysayers are calling shenanigans to Bey and her bump, convinced that there’s no bun baking in her oven. We have no idea what is true and what isn’t, but look at these?


In October on the Australian TV show Sunday Night, Beyoncé announced that her child was due in Feburary 2012.
According to the naysayers… Sorry Bey, but the math just doesn’t add up! A video released today (above) shows Bey gushing about her pregnancy and showing off a rather large baby bump on the set of “Countdown,” which was filmed on September 23, 2011. In the video, Beyoncé states that she is 6 months pregnant… which would make her 9 months pregnant in December… and 9 months is traditionally the point at which the baby decides to emerge from the womb… so it looks like Mamma Bey needs to get her story straight!
“Don’t be ridiculous,” say the fans… Beyoncé is known for being extremely private, and any discrepancies here can be explained away by the simple fact that Bey wants her real due date to remain a secret. There’s a reason this video came out, and moreover a reason why Bey is so careful to state the date at the start — Beyoncé doesn’t do anything by accident, and fans believe this is perfectly engineered to keep the birth as private as possible, much like her wedding to Jay-Z, the actual event of which was kept closely under wraps.


Beyoncé has just released her Live At Roseland: Elements Of 4 DVD, which was filmed over four nights at New York’s Roseland Ballroom in August, when, according to the above video, the pop star would have been 5 months pregnant.
The naysayers cry… All that dancing! In those heels! That can’t be safe or possible at 5 months pregnant!
The fans respond… Naysayer, you clearly don’t know anything about being pregnant! Of course she can dance. It’s probably even good for the baby or something. Just look at this Zumba instructor working it at 8 months pregnant, teaching a class (which can last from anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes)!


At the premiere of her Live At Roseland DVD, Beyoncé’s boobs appeared, uh, strange, as she participated in a Q & A before the screening.

This is a good one for the naysayers… Look at her boobies! Look! That’s not normal! That odd gappy thing between them, they look like prosthetics! Crushable even went as far as to determine that Bey was wearing a black bra, so the strange, flesh toned irregularities couldn’t be blamed on that. It seems unequivocal, Beyoncé has temporarily enhanced the size of her breasts to make her fake pregnancy even more believable.
The fans aren’t convinced… Photos of Bey outside the venue show her breasts looking large, supple and completely unenhanced. Perhaps she’s sitting in a way that has squashed them strangely, some bad shadows have been cast on her, or it’s just an unflattering photo? In the worst case, maybe she is enhancing her boobs. But who cares? She’s still totally pregnant.


On the Australian TV show Sunday Night (video below), Beyoncé’s baby bump appeared to collapse as she sat down. Check out that image above, courtesy of

THIS IS ALL THE PROOF THE NAYSAYERS NEED! Are you kidding? Her bump literally FOLDS as she sits down. Of course it’s fake. Real pregnant bellies don’t just fold up at will. Shenanigans!
The fans still aren’t convinced… Upon closer inspection, it appears that Bey’s belly is no collapsing, but rather that her dress has a voluminous panel which, unfortunately, happened to fold in an awkward way when she sat down. Moreover, Sunday Night released the following video showing Bey taking her seat from behind, and while you can see her VPL (visible panty line) there’s no sign of anything that would be holding a prosthetic baby bump to her belly. Nada.


Beyoncé’s own cousin has allegedly come out and stated that her pregnancy is fake, and that a surrogate is actually carrying the baby.
The naysayers sigh… Fans, you are so annoying. Her own cousin says it’s a fake!
The fans hold strong… Oh, this is just tabloid news with no solid evidence to back it up (given that we don’t believe any of the ‘evidence’ put forth above). We bet her cousin just wanted to make a quick buck.


Beyoncé celebrated her 30th birthday with Jay-Z in Jamaica during September, and stepped out in a bikini revealing her baby bump.

The naysayers still aren’t convinced… Pfft, if we pushed out our bellies we’d look preggers, too. Or maybe this is some Rick Baker style Hollywood magic.
But the fans say enough’s enough… That’s a pregnant belly. Right there in the flesh. No prosthetics in sight! Game, set, match: BEYONCÉ IS PREGNANT FOR REALSIES!


Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne tour is still kicking across America, and won’t wrap until December 18.

The naysayers scoff… If Beyoncé really is going to give birth in December, as the evidence accrued above would suggest, when what is her husband doing on tour? Moreover, the tour was announced on July 27, at which point Bey would have been a whole 4 months into the pregnancy. It seems like a very strange decision for a husband to make — even a super star husband with a new record out — when his wife is carrying their first born.
The fans scoff harder… No rest for the wicked! Hov has fans to please and a new record to promote. We’ve got no doubt that the second Bey’s water breaks Jay will hop in his diamond encrusted private jet and be by her side within mere hours — he’s still in the country, after all!

So, there’s the evidence (or, depending on your perspective, lack thereof)


but like I said Why would anybody book the entire floor of a Hospital???


Boyfriend help

If you’re boyfriend isn’t spending time with you and spending all his time with his friends then you need to sit down and let him know.

If you’re boyfriend and you have an argument and make it seem like you’re the one thats doing all the wrongs in the relationship I won’t admit his then let him go.

If you see improvement in you’re boyfriend then that tells you he’s trying and wants to be with you still.

1st Day Of 2012 :)

Well I’m going to keep this short because I have a hang over haha


By anthonypena4

Another Paid Day, Money Already Gone

Yes of course being on Social Security isn’t so easy sometimes. I live off it every month and Yea I could work but only part time or get paid in cash but nope! lol

It’s becoming harder every month now since my boyfriend keeps on depending on me for money. I have such a good heart and love helping out him but he works and all but he has his own money problems, you know?

Today I’ve made the mistake of texting him when I found out my check was in my bank account already. My plan was not to let him know about it but I did without thinking 1st 😦 stupid me, I know.

He then picked me up and we were on our way to get food for me but he turn into Chase and I was like thinking to myself like “omg he hasn’t forgot” cause he needed money for his car payment so after I give him it i told him about my bills and what I need to pay but like always he’s was like “i need this money to pay my car payment” and he was throwing around “I love you”

So at lunch we had a little argument about it and I told him “You will break up with me if I took it back”: then he said ” when did i ever break up with you over money?” and I said “never but you’re always depending on me for money all the time and I have my own bills I gotta pay and get food” then he said “he’ll help me out when he gets money from a friend” and I said “yeah that’s what you keep on saying for the last 2 months but where is it at? i’m getting sick and tired of this i am” then he didn’t say nothing just went outside to smoke. when he left we still didn’t say nothing but all he said to me was “why do u gotta act like an ass?” and i said “what?” and he said “yeah gotta make me feel bad about this money and get on my ass about it” and i didn’t say nothing…so he took me home and said he has to do some things and find out what we will be doing tonight…

so just now I paid 128.00 just to get my cable back on because it was shut off and the full bill was 301.00 but couldn’t do that. and i paid my metropcs phone bill that was like 55.00 and after i paid my rent i would have about 90.00 to last me all month of January but like he said he’ll help me whenever his friend helps me out but i don’t care, if i have to go to the dollar store to get food and make it last all month then I would plus my birthday is coming up on the 10th and I wanted to go do something but I guess I can’t now….it’s my fault for being with a gold digger and I feel sorry for myself and only blame myself

Last Day Of 2011

Today is the last day of 2011. nothing too special about it cause tomorrow will be the same, nothing changes but only 4 little digits so I don’t know why people get all excited about tonight? I don’t get why people go to new york just to see a ball drop that will take 1 min to do.

I don’t get why people act like tonight is the only night to go out and have fun? When they can go out any other day, drink and have fun.

I really don’t get the point of new years eve but oh well I guess as the months & days get ready to repeat itself I hope it’s better then the last time around..


It’s Friday December 30, 2011 and I’m at home on the couch thinking about this year.

I can’t say this year has been easy for me. I started off the year being single and thinking my life would be different then any other year but it wasn’t.

I have to say the difficult part about my life is LOVE I find it, I put in 100% in the relationship then out of no where something happens then bye bye love haha.

In September I met somebody that I thought I could be with and be happy with more then anybody i’ve been with.

For the 1st 2months it was amazing and I felt loved and didnt have to worry about anything for the 1st time in my life….then towards the end of the 2 month he lost his job and thats when things started to change we stop hanging out everyday, calling each other and being there for each other…i thought it was the stress of losing a job and looking for one.

Once he found a job everything stay the same as if he wasn’t interested in me anymore. He was spending more time with his bff and going places with his friends without me.

So after the 3th month I told him how I felt about him spending more time with his friends, don’t feel like a real couple and barely any time with me then he said he’ll quit doing that and start spending time with me again.

But 3days later I got a surprise text from him telling me that his feeling have died for me….wow I was in shock didnt know what to say then 10mins later it was a different story he then told me he has so much going on in his life and can’t focus on anybody right now?…that was weird to me because I knew he doesn’t have anything in his life to be focusing more on…so then he told me that he wanted to be on a break so I said okay.

that was something new to me cause I never been on a break with anybody and I didnt know how it works so the next day I tried to ask him how this break works? Are we still faithful to each other? But I didn’t get no answer he just got mad so I said I guess its whatever then.

A week after being on a break and I was getting use to it….he text me and we were texting each other for a bit then out of the blue he text me “we’re back together” so I said okay..but since then he text me 3 different times on different days calling it off again, on a break or to much to handle right now.

So at this point I could really care less about him cause my feelings have died for him cause he’s been playing around like that so many times with my feelings. I help him out so much since we been together but thats going to stop cause I do think he’s talking to somebody else and think he’s only with me cause of my money…he said he’s not with me cause of my money BUT when we’re together that is all he talks about most of the time and when we have a fight or arguments and when I bring up money to him everything is fine then, you know what I mean?

Some days I feel unappreciated when I don’t see him and hearing he’s with his friends…but when i’m with him it’s different, you know?

everybody has their limits and I’m almost to mine with him…